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Persephone's Creepy Diary: 01
Entry 1:
This town is just like the others. Morals and pointless rituals for the dead are stopping the advance of knowledge, and the nobles are nothing but foolish cowards. They do not realize that humanity is set back a week of progress every time my day is wasted. What seemed like a simple guard job went awry and I didn't receive my promised pay, but it wasn't all bad since it seems this city is absolutely teeming with undead, so maybe it won't be a waste after all. Someone else in the area understands the potential of the dead. I have witnessed a sight unlike those I have seen before, an army of the dead marching out from the ocean in cadence, their bubbly and rotting flesh oddly preserved by the ocean's gift of salt. Undead are not my favorite, but it was still almost too much to take. I haven't been this ecstatic and giddy since my days running experiments in the cabin. I must meet the controller of these undead. Yes...
I'm traveling with two others, though in time they shall leav
:icontawnyfroggy:TawnyFroggy 2 2
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Shai-Hsien's Journal - Entry 8
Entry Eight:
       It's been a long while since I last had the time to write my thoughts down in here, what with escaping slavery, escaping a giant evil portal, escaping a demon invasion on a town, being captured by a General, evading mind control, breaking my sisters out of similar mind control, contacting an insane guy and making plans with him, almost immediately breaking those plans, and escaping from slavery a second time. Now that me and my new found sisters have tricked that giant snake general into letting us out I finally feel comfortable writing.
       Things are still chaotic and I honestly don't know what is going to happen, or even who I'll be fighting for or against, but for the first time in a long while I have unbridled drive pushing me towards a goal. The Empire is after my homeland, and my kin are in trouble. I'm not a hero, and I never thought I would be, but it seems I'll be fighting until my la
:icontawnyfroggy:TawnyFroggy 2 3
Bored Horde 75 by trombonefellow Bored Horde 75 :icontrombonefellow:trombonefellow 4 4 Bored Horde 55 by trombonefellow Bored Horde 55 :icontrombonefellow:trombonefellow 2 3 Moar REM Sleep by trombonefellow Moar REM Sleep :icontrombonefellow:trombonefellow 3 2 Poor Akimoto by LukkiStarr Poor Akimoto :iconlukkistarr:LukkiStarr 8 15
Odds are at least 3/4 of these will be either Lukki or Trom.
So I guess I have to make a comic now or something to pay back my debt.
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